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Furious, violent, powerful,straight to the point,fast,heaviness!
Hardcore to the bone chainsaw riffs anchored by rampaging drums and vokills that kick you square in the teeth!
Og live tapes made by the infamous hash crimes & recorded at Ronin Studios.
pick up a actual copy at our shows!


released August 17, 2013

Ronin studios-Recording
Raul-G-tar/second vokills
Kirk-Drum machine/Dildo



all rights reserved


Malicious Dismemberment Pittsburg, California

Hardcore punk for hardcore chumps!Right in your face Furious, violent, straight to the point!
Hardcore to the bone chainsaw riffs anchored by rampaging drums and vokills that kick you square in the teeth!
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Track Name: Realigion
-Right out the womb
Straight into bullshit
These are the things i think of
I wont be broken by your fucked up RELIGION
They take your consciousness
To think for once i was like you

Make a target out of me, you get me while i'm young
Soak up your ignorance, while my brains a fucking sponge
Track Name: Inapplicable Existence
I eat fucking galaxies, kick the hornet's nest till my leg bleeds
Food and water put aside, i dont know how i'd survive
without time melting in my hands
it's killing me, it's killing you

forget what our laws of physics say
imagine humanoids made of light
imagine a place very far away
a place where you're not killed by time
Track Name: Shoot Up Your School
open up my drawers my socks are all the same
hit my toe on my nightstand i scream "fuck!"
don't worry about the pain it will all be over soon
grab my gun and i run off to school
power fucking hungry, suicide fucking hungry
i told myself i needed help

wave good morning to the gleaming sun
run through the halls, shoot everyone
use a knife, slow and fun, i need help
run from me

tomahawk to your spinal cord
to your central vortex
paralyzed, unable to die
enjoy your new life, vegetable

surrounded by skies i'm depressed
i'm worthless and maybe much less
get them young, save this world while you can
fuck mankind
Track Name: Snuff Films
More skeletons hanging off me
clinging so tight that i can't breathe
to know yourself is to know god
there's no one to know, kill yourself off

"save me from myself i'm heading down"
"kill yourself off"
Track Name: Out There
let all the cards unfold, let the dice be rolled
can't depend on bullshit that was written so long ago

here's all i see: infinite skies and galaxy clusters
here's all i see: things bigger than life and us

Grab a hold of the idea that time does not exist
everything i've wished for exists somewhere else

hit the floor, look up high at the sky
feel small, motherfucker?
feel like a speck? feel like dust?
feel like something not worth living, motherfucker?

this is for me, this is all for me
fuck a "god" everything i do in life is for me
Track Name: So What!
severed head in hand, i'm caught and i'm fucked
though the basements a good place, hopeless i remain

rotted brains, rotten limbs found in the dump
so what
can't believe i'm doing this again
so what
flavor's getting old, i dont give a fuck
so what
im not to blame for the dirty job
so what
Track Name: Muerte Sin Vida
stuck between a hard place and a
rock bottom is where i dig and dig looking for treasure
or myself, which is of more value? i'll never tell
while scavenging for my own misery

torn apart, bled out i'm not dead yet
trying to lie to myself, am i dead yet?

curled, wasted, bitten, tasted
i did this to myself
Track Name: Nothing!
nothing else to give
i've given all i have
that's not enough
one day i'll realize i'm nothing
i'm no one
i'm something that wont become
anything more than rotting flesh
deserve to be curbstomped to death
let the blood fill my neck, spit in your face as i take my last breath